Alexandre Kimenyi

We the participants of the 2nd International Genocide Conference, occurring 14th -16th October, 2004 at the California State University-Sacramento, want to issue a statement that energizes a dialogue about some of the warning signs of genocide and mass murder.

These warning signs include but are not limited to:

1. The exclusionary leadership, policies, and political parties that foster and implement hate
2. The discrimination and victimization of outcast groups
3. The formation of militias, as well as the army's involvement in the dissemination of hate, discrimination, and violence
4. Youth indoctrination
5. Stockpiling of weaponry and the dissemination of weapons into outlying areas
6. The reduction of civil liberties, public dissension, and the attack on moderates in society
7. "Dress rehearsal" smaller scale massacres
8. The politicization of the army, secret police
9. The participation of religious institutions which foster hate and killing
10. The competition for resources that evolves from class distinctions
11. External governmental involvement through the provision of weaponry, money, and manpower

It is important to note that there is always external governmental, institutional power to prevent genocide and mass murder, and that there also is a need to educate those working intimately in civil and social structures upholding a society.

We assert that the time to act to prevent genocide and mass murder is well before the actual genocidal acts.

Genocide should be monitored worldwide in order to prevent its emergence. Works on indicators for alert and establishing a new Early Action / Rapid Reaction Mechanism should be given priority. Scholars and NGOs are called to cooperate in this vital task in order to stop and eliminate genocide in the 21st century.

We propose and pledge to organize individuals, media, and institutions, to speak out where others have been silent.